Unique Possibilities and Challenges

If you identify as LGBTQIA, or if you think that you might fit under that umbrella, then congratulations! You are in for a great life!

Being different from the dominant culture opens you up to a world of exciting possibilities, but it might also be presenting you with some unique mental health challenges.

In many ways, things have gotten a lot better since I was a brand-new therapist in 1995 working with gay male clients struggling with HIV…

But many members of the LGBTQIA community are still struggling with HIV, depression, anxiety, and substance use issues in a world that is not so nurturing and understanding.

I’ve always loved working with the LGBTQIA community.

In my 20+ years of working with people along the entire spectrum of the LGBTQIA community, it has been a pleasure to assist my clients in loving themselves and finding their way in the world.

For 8 years, I led an 8-week class for gay men on coping with depression and anxiety. It was one of the most fun groups to facilitate because of the humor, resiliency, and determination that seem to be part of the fiber of the men in those rooms.

My favorite story was when a client was late for the first night of group. He popped his head in the door and asked, “Is this the group for depressed and anxious queens?” Everyone howled with laughter and invited him right in!

Celebrating Diversity of Relationship Expression

I love the diversity of queer dating and relating, but it can also be the source of much suffering (just as relationships can be for anyone). I am a sex-positive therapist who celebrates the ways in which queer people express themselves.

I am interested in what is fun, fulfilling, and healthy for you. From hooking up to long-term partnerships, no other subject is more important to human beings than relationships.

At the end of the day, our relationships are everything. I love working with individuals, couples, and all other combinations to improve their relationships. It is really fun to see the actual dynamic between people in the room and then be able to help in real-time.

Wherever you are, I’m committed to you.

Whether you are just contemplating coming out to family and friends…

Or you are figuring out how to date in the cyber age…

Or you are working through gender identity issues…

My commitment is to make therapy a safe place to explore whatever is coming up for you. It is important to feel seen, heard, and understood. People don’t want to have to educate their therapist about the nuances of queer life.

I understand, and I am here to help.

Don’t struggle alone… let’s work together.

So, if you are dealing with aging in a youth-oriented world or are questioning your choices regarding sex, love, or substance use…

… or if you’re just looking to find your place in the world, I invite you to come in and let’s roll up our sleeves!

Let’s get to work making your inner and outer world a better place. Call me today: (323) 363-9237