Individual Therapy

What You Want Out of Therapy

If you have ever come to therapy, you may know what you liked and what you found helpful…

… and maybe you even got clear about what you did not like.

If you are brand new to therapy, then you just might be starting to figure some of that out.

Most people want to feel safe and comfortable.

They want to feel heard and understood and not judged.

Ultimately, they just want to feel better.

Sound familiar?

Different Ways of Being “Interactive”

A lot of clients say they want a therapist who is “interactive” and doesn’t just sit there and say nothing for 50 minutes.

Sometimes just having someone listen to you will help you realize what you want or need.

Other times you need someone asking questions and actively exploring what you are going through to get some clarity.

There are still other times when you feel so bad and so confused that you need immediate coping skills, or a plan, or to role play a situation.

However we interact – whether listening, talking, planning, role playing, or something else…

I’ll be a partner to you on your journey.

Getting Back on Track

Sometimes you need someone to remind you to take a deep breath and feel your feet on the ground before you spiral down the drain.

Let’s face it… we all have!

Whether you live in your head too much or you are blowing around and don’t feel grounded…

Individual therapy with someone you trust can help you sort through your fears and build new coping skills…

… and perhaps try something new to get you out of your comfort zone and back on track: mind, body, and spirit.

Reconnect to the guidance Within Yourself

Learning to see the impermanence of everything, good and bad, can set you free.

Everything is temporary even though it may not feel that way right now.

Practicing the concepts of non-attachment will help ease suffering and tap into the creative force that lies within you.

Rediscover Your Authenticity

Deep down, everyone wants to be loved for who they are… just as they are.

Many have learned to be someone or something to please others, and that never feels very good for long.

Discovering your true self and believing you are lovable and able to lead the life of your choice is what feels really good.

Find Your Voice

You might need to learn how to be more assertive, learn new communication skills, and limit setting techniques.

It could mean understanding your rage and learning how to manage your emotions better.

It might mean changing your relationship with food, sex, spending, or drugs and alcohol to find out who your authentic self really is under all that distraction.

Now is the time to find your own voice, make your own path, and see that life can be really good if you live your truth!

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