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About my work

My Psychotherapy Philosophy

I believe that at your core, you have the inner resources and the answers to manage your life well. My job is to help you remove the barriers to your success and well being.  My style is interactive, patient and solution oriented.

My favorite kind of client is anyone who is inspired and motivated to learn, evolve and grow!

Treatment Focus

  • Positive Psychotherapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy ( CBT)
  • Intergative Body Psychotherapy (IBP)
  • Mindfulness and Breath work
  • Gottman principals for couples therapy

My Promise

My promise is to listen, understand and support you with integrity as well as challenge with compassion when appropriate.

I strive to honor and celebrate diversity in all of its forms. I believe this world is a better place when differences are seen as healthy, exciting and good for everyone.



As a psychotherapist, I help my clients thrive using the best of traditional psychodynamic theories as well as metaphysical, spiritual and somatic approaches. Usually that involves some exploration of past experiences and early development to help me better understand my client's history.
Discovering limiting beliefs about the self and the world is often the beginning of powerful healing and growth. I assist my clients in taking this information and using it in a new way to make better choices for the future. Together we create a space for curiosity and optimism. I help clients build skills of personal reflection and insight as well as develop practical skills to get present and grounded in the body. I believe our emotions and our bodies are always talking to us and are guiding us to health and wellness if we are attuned to the messages.
It is my experience that once emotional safety and rapport are established in the therapist-client relationship, client and therapist tend to relax and feel freer to see where the journey will lead. That co-creative relationship is the foundation for real healing and growth. We work together to minimize self judgments and clarify what is desired in relationships, career, family, sexuality, prosperity, health, spirituality and lifestyle. I help my clients accept themselves as unique individuals and assist them in transcending obstacles to their peace, happiness and success as they define it.
I use the relationship in the therapy room between myself and my client to help better inform our work. Inevitably issues that arise in the outside world present themselves within the therapy relationship and offer a profound opportunity to re-work old wounds, to gain insight and to have a "corrective emotional experience."
In some instances clients feel worse before they feel better during the therapy process. This can be the case as old painful memories get stirred up and the unconscious becomes more conscious. However, by increasing one's tolerance and understanding of emotions and decreasing impulsivity, new found awareness and power can surface. New options and choices arise and this allows for more hope, joy, humor, love and aliveness! A deeper and more consistent sense of self can be achieved which has a calming effect on all areas of human experience. Clients often share that having a trusted and safe witness to their lives makes all the difference in the deliberate creation process that makes life more fun.
As clients better understand their pasts and have more positive emotional experiences in the present, they tend to have more confidence, ease, and acceptance of self and others. They tend to trust their inner voice and own their power to create a life worth living. This potential is what excites me about this work.

Stress and Trauma

Depression, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger after a single trauma or adverse life events. I can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of healing with EMDR. 



I enjoy working with couples because the relationship dynamic happens in real time in the therapy room. This unique situation creates an opportunity for intervention, growth and change so that couples can make decisions about their relationships from a grounded and informed position.     

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